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iPhone 11 Pro: More Than Meets the Eye

This past summer, I embarked on one of the shortest journeys of my life, but also one of the most impactful. In July, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10+ to try out the waters and see if the grass is truly greener on the other side. To make a long story short, or should I say to highlight that post, I didnt enjoy my 60-day stint as an android power user. But this post is more about my first weeks with the iPhone and the magic that is the Apple ecosystem that I so quickly forsook and then begged for forgiveness.

Cue A calm Tuesday afternoon in September, and I’m waiting ever so impatiently as the Apple keynote is live streaming in front of me. Apple Arcade, amazing. Apple tv+, cool, but not what I’m here for. iPhone 11, cool but where’s the beef? Finally, after 40 minutes of waiting, I get to see the phone of my dreams. The iPhone 11 Pro Max in all it’s glory displayed as a “Pro” Device. The first thing to get out of the way, the name. There’s no love, no hate. It’s just indifference (cue Taylor swift reference now). It’s a name, a moniker, a tool to track specific purchases. What I care about is what this so-called pro device can deliver. Apple continues to list more and more features that frankly sound like a repackaged version of the iPhone Xs. Frankly, in my mind, I began to write this thing off as the iPhone Xss. I left the keynote feeling defeated, slumped over, and unmotivated. However, I still pre-ordered it as soon as I could because who am I kidding? I just love to have the latest technology.

Time Skip

It’s now a week and a half later, I’m consistently stalking UPS as I wait patiently at work for my phone to be delivered. Alas it arrives, and I scurried home as quickly as possible to do the private unboxing (sorry folks, this one is just for me.) I am met with a solid chunk of ingeniously designed technology that I haven’t put down for the past two weeks. I’m in love, in awe, and inspired by just how smooth the iPhone experience is.

I’m not that surprised because I, of course, had an Xs 2 months ago, but that’s beside the point.

Onto the more technical stuff. This baby works, it works fast, it works hard, and it works all day long. I have to force myself to charge this bad boy because I usually go to bed with it having more than 50% battery left. That’s with a 2-hour commute of excessive Reddit scrolling, Hearthstone stomping, and Spotify streaming goodness.

The Cameras – more to come, I want to photograph more than a dog before I do my official review. So far, it’s wonderful, but I will wait for deep fusion before writing things in stone.

The Battery Life – As I mentioned, it’s incredible. I consider myself a heavy user and I haven’t had any issues whatsoever waking up at 5am and going to bed at 11pm with enough juice leftover.

The Build – Heft, Chunk, Luxury is how I would describe it. It’s noticeably heavier which I attribute to the battery, but it’s a nice weight that lets me know I’m handling something nice.

My Overall Thoughts – Do you need it? Absolutely not! It’s a phone, of course, you don’t need any of these features. But if you’re someone who is deep into the Apple ecosystem and wants the best mobile tech they have to offer, then get yourself down to your nearest apple store and walk out with your beautiful new iPhone 11 Pro (Max if you want).

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Photo by Jonathan Riley on Unsplash