Kevin D. Durham

  • Storyteller, Designer & Tech Enthusiast

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A Highlight of some of my favorite projects


I spent 3 years working with TEDxGeorgetown crafting and growing its visual identity, and during my last year planning and executing the conference.

Georgetown University

I worked throughout many spaces at Georgetown, ranging from Financial Literacy to Event Management. A highlight of some of my favorite project.

Hatch Apps

A collection of some of my key contributions from e-books, web design and app mock-ups

Personal Collection

A collection of some of my experimental art pieces testing and evolving my skills in digital art and design.

Georgetown Scholars Program

A look into the process of my logo design work for the Georgetown Scholars Program.

The Big Hunt

A look into some of my pieces from the Big Hunt, a welcoming trading for new georgetown students.

Summer Research Fellowship

I completed a 10 week research fellowship exploring the power of user interface design in mobile financial apps on consumer behavior.

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Photo by Jonathan Riley on Unsplash