Kevin D. Durham

  • Storyteller, Designer & Tech Enthusiast


Chair, Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Project Brief

My work with TEDxGeorgetown was an evolution. I started in late 2016 as the graphic designer for our “Tipping Point” conference, in which I was responsible for the creation and execution of all items regarding the visual identity. From there I lead the entire visual strategy for the conference including web design, video effects and photography direction. This project culminated with me taking the helm and running the entirety of the conference for our 2018 conference “Ignite”

This work spans across logo creation, social media, print and document creation. 


This project was focused heavily on graphic design, print design and social media campaigns.

Throughout this campaign I was able to develop and demonstrate skills for event planning, marketing and direct marketing efforts. 

Tipping Point Graphics


Disruptors Logo


Graphics for Conference


Printed Logos

TEDx Disruptors

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Photo by Jonathan Riley on Unsplash